Control your pain.
It doesn’t control you.

After years of battling throbbing joint pain, backaches, arthritis, and deep muscle aches, we finally found relief in natural alternatives. Then we noticed others just like us: People who couldn’t get powerful, lasting comfort without dismissive doctors, addictive pain meds, or costly surgeries.

So we had to fix that… Meet our line of potent pain relievers designed to get you back on your feet. Each ingredient is backed by science, safe, and effective.

Stop The Pain
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Aboutus Image

We’re changing lives.
Yours included.

We’re big on the idea that if you can stop the pain for good, you can get your freedom – and your life – back. It’s what guides us – the products we make, the ingredients we use, and even the people we hire. What keeps us going every day are our customers who are now getting more out of life and life’s adventures.

A safer way to feel better.

We know addictive pain pills aren’t the answer. We’re simply re-discovering the wonderful pain relieving powers of natural and alternative ingredients that are:

Powerfully effective

Fast acting & long lasting

Backed by clinical studies

Side effect free

And you can bet there’s no fillers, parabens, or any of that nasty stuff.

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Pure, honest science.

We’re here to upset the apple cart. In an industry that seems to be all about magic pills, over-promising, and under-delivering, we firmly place honesty at the center of our business. Every product we make and recommend to you is backed by real, concrete science. Just take a look at how we evaluate products…

How our products come to life…

Each ingredient is backed by scientific evidence.

This means each active ingredient is based on multiple double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies on humans.

What you see on the label is what you get.

We put the exact same ingredient, or a scientifically equivalent ingredient, used in the research into our formulation.

Each product is made in CGMP-certified facilities in the USA.

CGMP stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practices. These are practices that the FDA requires to ensure there is no adulteration.

We make sure that our products are safe.

Using the entirety of scientific literature available today, we make sure that the ingredients and manufacturing of our supplements are safe for the customer.

Pain relief rooted in history.

We discovered a deeper understanding of how pain and the body interact thanks to the research of Nobel Prize nominee, and neurologist Alfred Goldscheider (1858-1935).

Goldscheider is best known for his work with the nervous system, and how the body feels pain.Today, Goldscheider’s discoveries drive the kind of products we make. We are eternally grateful to him for inspiring us to create better products.

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You ask. We answer.

Whew, you’re coming out swinging aren’t you? To put it simply, we merge nature with science to make actually effective, safe pain relievers. We aren’t the biggest company around, but that’s by design… We’d rather make good products at a fair price to help you get the most out of life. The alternative is milking everything we can out of you in an effort to bolster our bottom line. But we have souls and like it that way.

We source each and every ingredient from trusted, independent suppliers. Depending on the formulation, ingredients will come from the United States, or from one of many exotic locales across the globe. Either way, each supplier is vetted and continuously audited to ensure every ingredient in every product is pure and free of fillers and additives.

Short answer: No. You can only get our products from us.

Slightly less short answer: We sell directly to customers. Cutting out the middleman keeps our products affordable, and we’re not forced to make the silly business decisions we so vehemently oppose. So, it’s a good thing for you, and for us.

Take a quick look at some of our products below. We’ve taken care to formulate our products to serve a wide variety of pain relief needs. Depending on your situation, one may fit the bill nicely for you. When you’re ready, add the product to your cart. Checking out is as simple and pain-free as we could possibly make it.

We want to make 100% sure that you love every N-Labs product. That’s why we give you 365-day to try it out. That’s right you get an entire year to make sure the product works for you and your situation. If it doesn’t make your pain and life better, all you have to do is contact our friendly customer support team. They will refund you every penny. (Even if you’ve used all of the product.) I know it might sound crazy, but that’s how much we believe in our products.

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